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Anne Cheboi

Senior Telecom Engineer, Safaricom PLC

The Story

Anne is an electrical Engineer in Safaricom PLC, working as a Senior Telecom Engineer dealing with Network deployment and optimization of existing network. Under WIT, she leads a program called Technovation Challenge; Technovation challenge is an initiative that targets girls in high schools for a 12 week coaching period every year. The aim is to inspire girls to see themselves not just as users of technology, but as inventors, designers, builders and entrepreneurs who can solve real-world problems through technology. These girls work in teams to develop mobile apps, conduct market research, write business plans, and create a “pitch” for funding for these apps that help to solve local community problems. Each team is supported by an advisor, often a computer instructor from their school and a female role model from the technology industry; who not only mentors them but imparts to them the basics of coding, user-interface design, market research, entrepreneurship and presentation skills.


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